How I completed a PhD dissertation in 90 days and stayed alive

Writing a PhD dissertation is very difficult, and any student who ever did this, will tell you that it will be the most intense project that you will ever work on.

With this being said, you can understand why completing this project in only 90 this is close to impossible, and why it takes such an incredible effort to do it. How did I do it?

Well, I used all the tricks in the book and I made sure every detail is carefully analyzed. This is what I did:

First Things First:

what I did to start writing:

My Paper Was Good Because...

I wrote about something I love. This was one of the main things that helped me finish so fast. I already knew the topic because I’ve read about it many times before, so I did not need to spend more than a few weeks to make research. Don't hesitate to visit our service if you want to get dissertation writing help of the best quality. Also, I did not feel that all this is a struggle because the information I was getting was interesting enough for me. As a matter of fact, most of the time I felt like I was doing research for my own knowledge, and not for a school assignment.

what made my paper more solid

I discussed with my teacher.

Every student has a supervisor for this project, but many of them forget that they should ask for the teacher’s help. I knew very well that my professor is the best person to give me advice, so I collaborated closely with him from the beginning to the end. This made everything ten times easier for me, and I was sure that he is going to like the final result.