What Is Dissertation Writing Process And How Much Time Does It Take To Complete It?

A dissertation is an academic paper you write to support your other qualifications normally before graduation. It involves a lot of work from choosing a topic, to researching and finally analysing your findings to make inferences. It is mainly supposed to contribute to your discipline by bringing in relevant ideas. The amount of time you will take to finish depends on various factors. This therefore means the time will vary from one person to another and from one topic to another. A breakdown of the writing process is as follows:

  • Significance Of Study – This mainly involves introduction of your topic and the purpose of your study.
  • Reviewing Literature - In this step, you should explore previous studies on the same subject. The aim is not just to find out what others said, but also to analyze it and find out what else could be included.
  • Methodology – This simply refers to the various methods you will employ to gather data and analyse it. The literature review should help you in formulating appropriate questions for data collection.
  • Findings – At this point, you have done your data analysis both for the qualitative and quantitative data. Your findings will help you in discussion, conclusion and recommendations.
  • Discussion – In this chapter you discuss your findings in relation to other theoretical bodies and identify any loop holes that you deal with as you make your recommendations.
  • Conclusion – Out of what you draw in the literature review and findings, make your final statement that best and strongly wraps up everything.

Just like as already mentioned, we cannot give a specific duration that every dissertation writing should take. Time varies depending on various factors like:

  • Topic – some topics will take longer than others to write especially depending on the data to be collected and analyzed.
  • Scope – if you choose a wide scope of study, it will obviously take you longer than someone who is doing a smaller scope.
  • Co-ordination – if you are not reading from the same page with your advisor or teammates, you will take unnecessarily longer to finish simple tasks.

The process of writing a dissertation is no doubt very involving and can be hectic. However, the choices you make will determine how everything turns out. f you prepare well before embarking on the actual writing you will have it easy.