Compelling PhD thesis accounting topics to write about

Do you need to complete a PhD thesis accounting project, but thus far have not yet discovered the various titles that you can do? Since these type of topics can be very hard to understand you might be very confused about where to started. The process of choosing a title is not simple yet it is a very important one.

List of topics to consider

If you are stuck towards coming up with a title here are some of the top ones that you can do on your next PhD thesis accounting work:

  • What are the top 5 pieces of software related to accounting?
  • What are the worst type of companies to be an account for?
  • What are the most difficult type of companies to be an accountant for?
  • Explain the various advantages of being an accountant?
  • What do you feel are the many disadvantages of training to become an accountant?
  • What characteristic do you feel are important to have if you are going to become a great accountant?
  • Are math skills the most important to be a good accountant?
  • What are the top accountant related apps that can be used across all industries?
  • What are the top qualifications related to the field of accountancy?
  • Do you feel that becoming an accountant will make you financially free?

What else can you write about?

There are a very wide variety of things that you can do if you want to become a success in your field of study. So try to think very broadly when selecting a title. Perhaps there is a reason why you want to be accountant, and if so you could create a title based on that. This should be very motivating for you and will allow you to get the project started a lot sooner than you might have thought otherwise.

Another method is to read an accountancy book that will give you a large spread of ideas to create a project about. Also this book can be a good source of your info so in effect you are going to be doing the research and at the same time get the title ideas you need.