Best Places to Visit Looking for a Thesis Defense Presentation Template

At an oral defense of your thesis, you should give a presentation. This is a brief synopsis of your research that commonly includes the following information: an introduction (covering a research question, goals, and hypotheses), method (describing methods, instruments, and procedure), results (sharing findings), and discussion (analyzing reasons for such findings).

Why Use a Template

If you don’t know how to organize your ideas and what style to apply to effectively present them at the dissertation defense, using a good template is a wise solution. With a suitable template at hand, all you need to do is insert the details of your own research in corresponding slides. You may use a good template as it is or improve it by adding the university logo. To find the sample that really suits your needs, you should know main requirements to the style of your thesis presentation and seek in reliable places.

Where to Find a Template

There are a variety of places where decent templates can be obtained. Try the following suggestions to find what you need:

  • The Internet
    • Use your favorite search engine to get a template.
    • It’s the easiest option that will help you check if there are any premade dissertation defense presentation templates on the Web. Type the right keywords and look through the results. You may be guided to educational websites, writing websites, writing blogs, and forums. The search results will not always include quality links as well as not all of the templates will be good. However, it doesn’t take much effort to try, so do it!

    • Make use of student forums and social networking sites.
    • Start a forum thread or set a new status, mentioning that you are searching for a thesis defense presentation template. It’s likely that some of your old or new online friends have already defended their dissertations and will agree to share their presentation samples with you.

  • University
    • Turn to the writing center of your institution.
    • They probably have a presentation template with the university logo at the top. Even if its style needs much to be desired, it will definitely be good for the dissertation defense in your university.

    • Ask around.
    • Turn to the graduates of your university who have already defended their theses and got their degrees. With any luck, you’ll obtain a template that will meet all requirements of your institution.